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June 2011

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Movie/TV Review Revue!

Okay. So other than a movie that I'm pretty sure I dreamt about and probably doesn't exist.. (And damnit, now I can't remember enough to IMDB it), let's take a gander, shall we?

Shows I Broke Up With:

Heroes - I couldn't even be arsed to watch the first episode, to be honest. Last season was so hit and miss that the only moment that stood out for me last year was Sylar driving around with 'Psycho Killer' on the radio. Fuck, that was awesome.

Torchwood - Killing off Ianto in a completely useless manner was only part of it. I think RTDickhead's total disdain for his fanbase and the fact that he's the Stephanie Meyer of Sci-Fi (Just a giant fucking Mary Sue. Let's face it) is part of it. He ruined what made Jack such a great, fun, camp character, and turned Series 4 into the Jack and Gwen OMG WE'RE AWESOME Party Fun Time Revue.

Scrubs - I tried with Scrubs: The New Class, but it all just seemed old hat to me. No thanks.

NCIS - Meh. Same old shite. I'm done.

RTD Era Doctor Who: Suck a bag of dicks, RTD. I'm fucking sick of your obsession with Wose, and turning 10 into an emo little bitch. It's been the same old shite with flashes of brilliance (from other writers/directors) for three years, and now it's over. Bring 11 on, please. Now.

New Shows I Love:

Drop Dead Diva - I downloaded the first episode because I was bored to tears, but halfway through the pilot, I was already downloading the next five episodes, which I then watched back to back. It's a really sweet show, with some really genuinely funny moments. The acting is spot on, and it's my total girly show.

Burn Notice - This show is like pure fucking crack. Terry and I PVR'ed the first two seasons when they were on a marathon on Super Channel and watched both seasons in a few days. It's been off since the summer, but comes back (FINALLY) in a couple of weeks. My only problem with it is that Fiona needs to fucking eat now and then. Girl is far too skinny. (Yes, I followed up a review of a show starring a plus-sized lawyer with a comment about a lead actress being too skinny. Have you seen her? She's like Irish Skeletor)

Black Books - Not exactly 'new', but I just got into it. It's a British series, 18 episodes long (three series of six episodes each), and it's hard to describe. It's almost a surrealist humor at some points, but Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey are fucking hilarious together. It's like if Seinfeld were British and really fucking funny.

Glee - It's really uneven sometimes, but the music's great (most of the time), and if they stop focusing on Rachel/Finn/Schu, the show will be even better. And with Idina Menzel and the Cheno coming back (oh my god, if they're in the same episode, I will be the happiest little fangirl ever) for the next half of the season, it'll make up for the stupid fucking Madonna episode. (Seriously. 10 fucking Madonna songs. Wtf.)

Misfits - Writing, acting, theme song... everything in this show is really spot-on. The first series is six episodes long, and it just got renewed. (YAY) It's about six teenagers who are doing community service (for varied reasons) and get caught in a freak lightening storm that gives them each (and various people in the town) special powers. They accidentally kill their probation worker when he gets freaky strength powers, so most of the first series is dealing with that. It's what Heroes should've been like.

Party Down - It's another show that's uneven at parts, but when it's on, it's really, really on. I think Jane Lynch (followed by Jennifer Coolidge) was brilliant, and the cast is just great. Makes me miss Veronica Mars even more.

United States of Tara - I didn't think I'd like it because I disliked Juno so much, but goddamnit, Diablo Cody. I really did like this. Mind you, I was a little more interested in what was going on with the rest of the family (and Patton Oswalt!) than Tara, but I tend to do that with most shows. Eagerly awaiting the next season. Now, please.

White Collar - The smoother side to Burn Notice. It's a perfect time-waster, clever, fun, everything. I'm still not entirely sure what Tiffani Thiessen is doing there, but she's Kelly fucking Kapowski, so she gets a break. I think it's the perfect role for Matt Bomer, because that motherfucker is charming as hell. He could forge a painting for me anytime he wants.

No Heroics - Another British series about people with Superpowers, but apparently in this one, they're all dicks. It's short, but really funny in parts. Worth a watch.

Gavin & Stacey - Again, not new, but new to me. This show was my new Pushing Daisies. It's not gag-related humor, but it's very slice-of-life. Someone described it as 'warm', and that fits it perfectly. All the characters are so real that I want to go live in Wales and just hang out at Bryn's townhouse and let Gwen make me an omelette and watch TV with Nessa. Seriously. Love.

Being Human - Oh my god, it comes back soon, it comes back soon, it comes back soon.. YEEEEEEK. <3333 (Yes, that is the extent of the review I can give. Go watch. Now. I'll wait.)

Modern Family - The funniest sitcom in a long, long time. The pilot had me laughing so hard that I had to pause it because I missed big chunks of dialog. And there hasn't been a bad episode yet - the Christmas episode was kind of 'eh', but still really funny.

Lie to Me - I didn't like it at first, but it's kind of growing on me. And any time we can have Felicia Day singing on my TV? Sold.

No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Jill Scott is perfect. It's the kind of show that makes you want to go to Africa just to have some tea with her.

Returning Shows:

Bones - I just want Zack to come back. It's been hit and miss for me so far this season. I think they need to figure out what they're doing with Booth/Bones and fucking do it already, and I think they need to set a line for Bones, emotional-wise. Because she's been absolutely fucking offensive at parts this season (to the Muslim temp especially). I think the whole 'Angela's bi, oh wait, she's just gonna have sex with guys anyway' storyline was especially bullshit.

Castle - Still a lot of fun in the second season, and I think I'm a little in love with Alexis. She's just made of awesome. It's not NYPD Blueish cop procedural, but it's a lot of fun to watch, and most of the time, I'm a little surprised that it's over so quickly. Not to mention, it's a show my whole family enjoys watching, and we don't all agree often. And? Nathan Fillion. Fuck yes. Rock on, Alberta boys!

Dollhouse - Fuck off, FOX. I haven't watched the last six episodes, because I keep forgetting it's on, but the Sierra-themed episode was possibly the best of the series. And I think the actors who play Sierra and Victor have been on fucking fire this year. (I think she's gorgeous. Fuck the haters.)

Dexter - I can never watch reruns of 3rd Rock again, because John Lithgow now creeps the fuck out of me. It was a fantastic season, though I could've done without the Angel/Maria storyline. Jennifer Carpenter needs an Emmy this year. How she's never even been nominated astounds me. Girl was on this season.

Dragon's Den - Oh, fuck off. Y'know what? I love this show. I PVR this show. I even watched the British version, but it's not the same. (And don't get me started on the American version.) I can't wait for it to come back.

Hell's Kitchen - Same old, same old. At least I didn't hate the winner. (Motherfucker did it with one arm.)

Top Chef - Same old (VOLTAGGIO BROTHERS OMG SIBLING RIVALRY!), same old (OMG THEY'RE BROTHERS!). At least (BROTHERS!!11) it wasn't stupid Hosea. I would've much preferred Bryan (BUT BROTHERS!) or Kevin to win, because I think they were the more technically proficient chefs. (BROOOTHERS. SIBLING RIVALRY OMG!)

House - Again with the "GET ON WITH IT." hit and miss stuff. I thought the premiere was great, but the Fourteen romance does nothing for me. Now get back to the weird medical stuff and having Hugh Laurie be awesome. And make him suddenly British, because I miss his accent.

The Guild - Not technically a TV show, but I thought it was really good this season. Wil Wheaton was fucking fantastic. (http://www.watchtheguild.com ) I think once they get the guild back together (instead of Vork on a mission and Tink fucked off to join someone else), they'll be even better. And how awesome is Mr. Wiggly? <3

How I Met Your Mother - Just fucking tell us who she is already so we can get more of Barney, Lily, and Marshall.

Big Bang Theory - I love it a little more each week. And it's funny, because I really like each of the characters, but I don't 'ship' anybody. (Though I'm fairly sure Raj and Howard have at least drunkenly fooled around.)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - It's hard to review a show like this, which would most likely get funnier with group viewings/alcohol, but goddamn, the live action was fucking terrifying.

Venture Bros - Even if it's been a bit off, it's hard to say anything bad about it. It's still one of the funniest shows on TV, and I think with the changes they went through at the end of last season, they're allowed to have a bit of an off period. Now bring on the next half, please.

It's Always Sunny in Philadephia - Did you fuck my mom, Santa? Best. Holiday Special. Ever. Some of the episodes this season have had me laughing so hard I couldn't even breathe. I think this is their best season so far.

Mad Men - What else is there to say that hasn't been said before? Another brilliant season. I can't -wait- for the next season.

Sons of Anarchy - If you haven't watched it yet, watch it now. RTD, pay attention. That is how you kill off a main character and not act like a douchebag. There wasn't a weak moment in the whole season, and all the characters became even stronger. And Otto's revenge in the prison made me shiver. Bra-fucking-o, Mr. Sutter. Fantastic.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks - I was wary without Simon hosting, but there were some really great guest hosts (Alex James, Rhod Gilbert, Dermot O'Leary, Frankie Boyle stand out) that I hope come back for the next season. And it gave us a little more focus on Phill and Noel, who were spot on.

QI - As good as ever. Skinny Stephen just kind of freaks me out.

Southland - It hasn't returned yet, but if NBC wouldn't have fucked around, it would've been back already. I can't wait for the second season to air, and hope that TNT gives it a third.

Supernatural - The only fandom I'm involved in. I love it. It's cracky and lovely and oh god, I don't want it to end. (But I am willing to accept that it's going to end if it means the sixth season would suck. Go out on a high note, Kripke.)

The Amazing Race - Not a bad season. I'm glad they've done away with the stupid "WE TAKE YOUR STUFF FOR A NON-ELIM LOL" bullshit. Megan and Cheyne just kind of irritated me.

Survivor: Makes me want to go back and download the seasons I missed. Fuck me, that was addictive. I think Russell, though he irritated me at first, was one of the best players the game's ever seen, and I can't wait for him to go up against the "all-stars". Especially Rupert. Cry moar, Hagrid.

True Blood - If it wasn't for the overabundance of Maryann, it would've been a perfect season. As it stands, it's like crack. And I'm really excited for all the new stuff in season three. And please, more Jessica/Hoyt. They're lovely.

Ugly Betty - It came back from a craptacular season and got much, much better. I'm actually excited for new episodes to come back. If they bring back Cliff, I'll be even happier.

Weeds - There was good and bad about this season (Good including Alanis Morisette, who is lovely as hell), but you have to admit, that season finale was fucking incredible. Way to go, Shane. (And when did Silas turn awesome and fucking gorgeous?)

Wipeout - The perfect, cracky summer show.

Spicks and Specks - I think it's gotten really funny this season, though it's hard for me to say what it was like before. Hamish is just so perfect, I can't even say.

Time Warp - It's such a cool show to watch, and not one you have to follow every week. I think it's more fun to save up a few episodes and marathon it.

Dinner:Impossible - Better than it was before. I think the hour format fits the show so much better than the 30 minutes, and Robert Irvine is kind of fun. Plus, the food is cool as hell.

South Park - Hit and miss, but oh my god, the dead celebrity episode. Fucking hilarious.

Family Guy - It's actually -funny- this season. I'm shocked. Yes, they still overdo it, but I think it's kind of hit it's stride.

The Office - Jim and Pam's wedding was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen, and though there's a lot of changes this season, I still love it, and the Andy/Erin romance is so sweet.


Just listing the ones that came out in 2009, or it'd take me forever.

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince - Meh
Up - Fantastic. Absolutely great.
The Hangover - Really, really funny.
(500) Days of Summer - Pretty good. A bit overrated, but I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Coraline - Beautifully done.
Watchmen - *jizz*
Monsters vs. Aliens - Good, but forgettable
17 Again - Way better than I thought it would be. Really funny and Zac Efron was good in it.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Craptacular.
Star Trek: - *re-jizz*
Brothers Bloom - Good, but could've been better
The Proposal - It wasn't that great. There were a few laughs, but they didn't have much chemistry.
Julie & Julia - Would've been better without Julie.
Inglorious Basterds - SO. FUCKING. GOOD.
Capitalism: A Love Story - Not as good as Sicko or the other docs, but still fascinating
Toy Story/Toy Story 2 Double Bill - Loved them both.
Couples Retreat - Mindless fluff. A good way to kill a couple hours.
Blind Side - Another good way to kill a couple hours. It was much better than the trailers would have you believe.
Princess & The Frog - The animation was beautiful. It just wasn't as good as Beauty & The Beast
Sherlock Holmes - Really, really good. You could really tell it was Guy Ritchie, and I loved that.
Alvin & The Chipmunks 2 - Meh. It was a timekiller. I love the Chipettes and Theodore, though.
GI Joe: Rise of Cobra - Total popcorn brainless movie, but meh. It wasn't as bad as I thought.
Avatar - Much better than I thought. Very pretty, and I really liked it.
It's Complicated - Cute and funny, with engaging leads and supporting characters.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - Fucking incredible. A beautiful, beautiful movie.

On my list to watch:

-An Education
-A Single Man
-I Love You, Man
-Sunshine Cleaning
-Away We Go
-Food, Inc
-Big Fan
-Invention of Lying
-The Informant!
-Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
-The Hurt Locker
-Boondock Saints II
-Up In the Air
-The Boat that Rocked/Pirate Radio
-Young Victoria


The Misfits series looks interesting.
It's SO good. The final moment of the series made me damn near -scream-.
Why aren't the brakes working?
Oh god, I didn't even clue in.

I swear to god, all through Christmas shopping, either my brother or I were muttering "Did you fuck my mom, Santa Claus? Did you fucking fuck my mom?" It was great. Some woman glared at me.

I've been known to use "WILDCARD, BITCHES" in a conversation, too.
I've told people that I'd waterboard the fuck out of them.
wait, Torchwood series 4? Is there going to be more?

I wasn't sure since he's killed most of his cast.
Yeah. Someone commented that it'll be Jack "Boyfriend Killer" Harkness, Gwen "Mary Fucking Sue" ..whatever her last name is, Micky and Martha from Doctor Who, and Alonso "Hey, I'm suddenly Gay" from Voyage of the Damned.

There's for sure going to be another season, but any thoughts on the team are just speculation.
I've gone down your list and realized that I watch almost none of the shows that you do. Then I looked again and realized that you watch everything I do (except Phineas and Ferb) and waaaaaaay more.

Haven't watched a single ep of House from this season since I was unable to find the last ep of last season on-line with a working link until recently. Will get caught up soon.

Haven't seen the last four (six, I suppose since there's some two hour ones in there) episodes of Dollhouse. I fail as a Whedon fan.

All caught up with Bones, though. Don't care about Angela's love life. Yay, she goes both ways. How passe at this point. Brennan's made me cringe at least once with everyone in that show at one point or another. Genius =\= tact. And I don't think Zach is coming back. I imagine he and his husband/boyfriend are taking some time for themselves these days.

I haven't watched South Park with any regularity in years. I've missed so much.

Everything else, well... it just hasn't happened for me. I'm thinking a Netflix subscription is in the cards for the near future, though. If only for True Blood and Castle. And... maybe the rest of The L Word.

Also, I'd complain about how long this entry was just so that somebody did for you, but that's just playing right in to your whoring for comments, and I just can't enable that kind of behavior (since nobody enables me on the rare occasion that I pop in here).
Ninjavideo.net is my new best friend, Deej. I'd miss most of this if it weren't for that and PVR.

I .. wait. What? Zach is gay? When did they say that? ..seriously, I'm gonna wiki it.

I can't see myself honestly paying for Netflix when I can just download/stream everything for free. I just bought Supernatural Season 1, so I figure I've redeemed myself a bit in my downloading. Plus, a lot of the stuff I watch is British, and it's damn near impossible for me to watch it/buy it here without it costing a -ton- of money.

...*mutter* I'll show you comment whoring.
No, Zach isn't gay as far as I know, given an expressed interest in Brennan in one of the much earlier episodes. Eric Millegan is though.

And the whole streaming thing only goes so far with the DSL connection. Really too slow for it to be really useful for me.
It's pretty fast with the flash ones. It's worth it, a lot of the time.

Yee. He's one of the most adorable things ever. I find it weird watching Bones and just knowing Sweets was the little guy on Freaks & Geeks. It's freaking -bizarre-.
I had gotten the impression from fandomsecrets that you have fabulous taste, and I was totally right! Also agreed on never being able to watch John Lithgow in anything again, ever.
Aww. ^_^ Thank you.

I know. Even 'World According to Garp', I'm gonna be all "THAT TRANSGENDERED MAN IS GOING TO KILL GARP. HOLY FUCK."
If your journal merely consisted of this, I wouldn't care because I enjoyed reading this as someone who is also guilty of watching WAY too much TV. Anyway some comments. (I'm thinking of maybe doing my own version of this at my journal.)

Heroes - Sylar killing Elle on the beach was the final straw for me. So many stupid characters making stupid decisions. Inconsistent nonsensical at parts, and at others quite boring, I have watched this show deteriorate from what was originally a thrilling, fun hour of TV. This recent season….okay, the carnival/ circus theme I like, but Sylar as Nathan and Sylar-Matt head trapping, whatever. Lesbian love interest for Claire ARGH! Hiro rescuing Charlie…Um yay but no, too much potential for paradox, too much retcon. Fail.

Glee - You can’t really hold this up to the same kind of scrutiny as other shows. Tonally it is meant to be ridiculous, light hearted, fluff. (Though surprisingly, it has been known to pack a whopper of an emotional punch.) I’m glad there has been more of an Artie/ Mercedes focus than Rachael/ Finn in the later eps. For the love of god, please, no more mashups! I’m over them. The last episode was very good, and the music has been mostly awesome. I still think Jane Lynch deserves an emmy for her role as Sue Sylvester.

Dexter - Season 3 was too slow and not creepy enough. Though I loved the Dexter as a daddy storyline, and his leading up to the wedding, the skinner plot was tame by comparison to the other series. I also hated every scene with Miguel Prado and his friendship with Dexter. As always, Jennifer Carpenter as Deb is brilliant. And would you look at that, I now consider myself a Maria LaGuetta fan.

It's Always Sunny in Philadephia - This show is….insane. Dialogue seemingly completely improvised, no real sense of plot, just characters screaming over the top of each other. Non of them likable people, all of them fucking hilarious. Highlights for me include, Mac’s Dad, The mafia episodes, Cricket, and Frank smoking a bong. Oh my God that nearly killed me.

The Amazing Race - I liked, I just think they need to make it harder for them. I like yield but I miss the fast forward. Was rooting for team mixed race couple until Erika turned out to be a major bitch. Loved/ felt sorry for ginger Brian though. I would rather the gay brothers won instead of the leet volleyball blondes, Meghan and Cheyne.

Yeah, season three was kind of 'meh', but season four was fucking insane, Cambot. It really makes up for the whole Miguel Prado bullshit.

You need to watch the It's Always Sunny Christmas Special, dude. My brother and I were delightedly quoting it all Christmas.
Okay now you have me exited about season four. I also forgot to mention I really enjoyed Masuka in season 3! But the new guy, Quinn, I think his name was? I didn't like at all.

I also, weirdly, missed Doakes. And you have no idea how much I hated Doakes Mara.

My memory is sketchy but I'm pretty sure I did see the christmas special!
Quinn's in it way, way more in season four. (And more of him, if you get my drift) And Masuka's in it too, a lot. (And he's a lot of fun this season). I just.. the whole Trinity subplot was fucking amazing.

I love It's Always Sunny so much. I got all sad the other day because it won't be on 'til fall now.
Survivor - This seasons highlights include, Russell finding all three hidden idols. LMAO! The decimation of Galu, (morons,) Jaison calling out that racist piece of shit (Ben) at counsel and Shamwow/ bo. I think she’s hilarious. Other than that I’d say it hasn’t been as good as the last 2 seasons. And I say that even with all the Coach air time. -__- But the series before that I thought was really really good. The one with oldie Bob, actress Sugar (who was completely underated throughout the series,) and the venomous, evil, Corrine. A woman filled with such resentment and uncalled for rage it was unbelievable. (Still doesn‘t hold a candle to Sue‘s snake speech, I completely agree TWOP)

True Blood - Loved season one, but you’ve no doubt already read my thoughts over at EFN. I understand Hoytt and Jessica hook up in two. Despite Jessica coming off way too strong, way too annoying, I think it’ll be interesting to watch these two develop. And naturally I’m up for any scenario that gives me more scenes with Jim Parrack.

Weeds - It’s like watching a glorious train wreck as Nancy continues to fuck up hers and her families lives. *Weeps* I’ve now missed four episodes and must wait until I purchase the DVD. Hooray Isabelle/ Shane! Hooray everyone turning on Celia. Hooray for Nancy/ Conrad finally doin it. I also love how this show constantly pokes fun at Christianity and that they’re so unafraid of offending anyone.

Wipeout - I might like, if the hosts weren’t total douche bags who openly hang shot on each of the contestants. Some of those comments were just plain offensive.

The Office - Still going strong. I’m glad B.J. Novak has come back and Ryan’s on the bottom wrung, where his drug addled arrogant ass belongs. I like Holly and I think Angela is one of the funniest break out characters. I think I might like her more than Dwight, which, whoa. I’m still in the Pam/ Jim camp. LOL Halloween, lol Pam as Charlie Chaplin/ Hitler and Andy as kitten. Please can Meredith and Stanley stay on because they’re also brilliant.
Survivor was fucking awesome this season. I'm actually excited for next season with the Heroes and the Villains, even if I have to put up with Rupert again.

I cannot -wait- for you to see this season of Weeds. It was kind of inconsistent, but holy fuck. (Damnit, move to Canada so we can talk about TV)

Hoyt/Jessica was one of my favorite things of the series, not just season two. Argh! When do you get to watch it? Cause season three starts this summer.
There may have been some unexpected emissions after viewing the trailer for Heroes VS Villains. <.< Weeds and True Blood I'm going to have to wait for DVD, I just know it...actually, I think there might be a chance they might show season 2 of TB on Go. That channel loves the vampires.

I know they were both on Pay TV/ cable.

Also, is that a Castiel animated icon I spy? It's awesome.
I wish you had good enough internet to just watch everything streaming. I don't have anyone to talk about Weeds with, damnit.

And it is. You should join Mishaland, Cam. It's awesome. It's like EFN on Crack Cocaine.

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b300/mwar812/tca/creepiestcover.png (There's the first page, but I'm not linking you to the whole comic)

http://community.livejournal.com/mishaland But there's Mishaland, and

http://community.livejournal.com/mishaland/451355.html#cutid1 There's the comic.