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Jun. 1st, 2009


A few things.

So, my counselor gave me a list of 258 journal ideas to help get me writing again. And I'm going to write out 10 or so at a time. They may not be long, but at least I'm writing.

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May. 21st, 2009



Okay. So, I haven't been paid yet.

Not nervous. Nope. Not freaking out.

Certainly not giving myself an ulcer with the stress.

In an unrelated topic, how would one go about applying for social assistance? Cause I'm gonna be pulling in under 1000 a month (Thanks, Slaveway!) and.. well, hard to survive on that.

May. 1st, 2009


X-Men Origins: Wolverine review

I want my $12.50 back.

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Final score: 4/10

(To compare, the last movie I saw in theatres was 17 Again, and I probably would've given that 7 or 7.5 out of 10.)

Apr. 22nd, 2009


(no subject)

So. Twenty-four now.

I'm doing okay at the new job. I still don't really like it - mostly because I still am not receiving any real training and most people aren't friendly - 'cept for the older cashiers and a few of the guys in produce - but my arrangements are getting better. (I sold my first custom arrangement!GLEE.) My fruit baskets fucking rock. I did a bouquet up for a guy (I'm not comfortable doing vase arrangements - I've only done a few on my own, but I'm really good at bouquets) and it was a dozen red, a dozen yellow (it was a really pretty yellow - like.. sunflower yellow), white alstromeria (http://z.about.com/d/interiordec/1/0/c/Q/spfl025.jpg), beargrass, baby's breath and leatherleaf, and it looked really freaking awesome. I did some yellow and red in the center with baby's breath ,and then circled that with the alstro and then circled that with beargrass and the rest of the roses. The guy even filled out a customer comment card and dropped it off at customer service. He told me he was gonna tell his wife he paid a lot more than he did (It was under $50, and it was a giant ass bouquet. I had to hold it in my arms to rotate it) because the flower shop wanted to charge him $100 for a bouquet, and this one "looked like a hundred bucks". It made my week. He was really nice, too.

My iPod died - or was eaten by ITunes, rather. So I had to start all over again. I'm only up to 1200 songs. Oh well.

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Feb. 5th, 2009


More tales from the Front Line of LNT's final day(s)

I had a coworker who was .. less than stellar. She was put in TOB (top of bed - all the bedding and stuff), but would constantly just wander around or hide and not do anything. So she was moved to cash, but even there, she was useless. (Which was actually the term that was most used to describe her)Once, she went home because she felt "depressed" (that her boyfriend went on vacation and wouldn't be back for two weeks). As someone who's been dealing with depression (at some points, nearly overwhelming depression) for ten years, I had less than a sympathetic reaction.

I was dealing with a customer, and was paged to her till. (Now, she paged me for -everything-. The theory among the other cashiers was that she wanted us to fire her, so she was trying to piss us off.) So I had to drop what I was doing, go to the other side of the store, where there was a rather annoyed looking customer there. "Uh, this lady gave me 20.. but I put in 15." ".....kay." "So what do I do?" I looked at her, went "Are you serious?" She nodded. "........give her $5 more than what the change says. " Oh. So I would give her $8.03 instead of $3.03?" I nodded at her and walked off as quickly as I possibly could.

Another habit was that she'd disappear - a lot of times without telling the MOD. One of the other girls caught her in the ladies' washroom. She had a chair in the handicapped stall with her feet up on the seat so that if anyone was looking, they wouldn't find her. And she was texting. So they told me, I told the manager, and I heard back from another cashier that Dipshit whined about me "ratting her out".

And it gets better. I was doing something at a till - some kind of computer error/override, and overheard her telling another cashier that she was going for her 15 minute break early. (It was 10 minutes or so. Had she asked me, I probably wouldn't have cared if it was quiet.) But she didn't tell me, so I kept an eye on her, and went on my break about ten minutes later (so she should've left five minutes after I got back there.) But I was back there chatting with a friend for my full fifteen minute break and I looked at DS and went "... shouldn't you get back on the till?" "Fiiiiiiiiiine. [heavy sigh]" So, told the manager, who had a talk with her.

But the kicker is what she actually got fired for. She was constantly trying to get out of work early. She came up to me as I was taking my coat off in the morning and went "Do you think she'd let me go home half an hour early today?" "....why?" "No reason." and walked off. Usually, she was on 10-3, since 8 hour shifts were too long (I was working 45 hours a week for the last month and a half, so I found it hard to be sympathetic). So she went back at 2:30, saying she was off, and I was too busy to check the schedule. And when I was cutting through the staff room to get to the back, and saw her in the staff room with her coat on, talking to the other girls, assumed she was waiting for a ride.

Nope. She was back there chatting for a half hour, and commented that "Oh, it's 3. I better clock out. See you." One of our senior staff came and told me, I told our manager, and bam. Bitch was fired. You've never seen such a happy Mara.

We had a big to-do about the liquidators "jacking up prices" - to the point that CTV tried to get in with their cameras to do an expose. It pissed me off, because people would come in and outright accuse -me- of it. Hell, I had one couple come in December with the October flier and ask why they couldn't get ___ for this price.

"Uh.. [counting on fingers] That's from October, we close in two weeks, and.. we're not even Linens 'n Things anymore."

So here's what they did. They took all the clearance/sale prices and returned them to their original price. There was no jacking up of anything. Sometimes we had to manually change the prices because we'd get stuff from US stores that hadn't been changed, but if we had a US price come to the till, we'd always honor it.


I had a woman scream at me because the plates she was buying came up as thirty cents instead of twenty cents. I took a dollar off and suddenly she was all sunshine and puppies. I don't know if the dollar was enough of a discount, but I didn't quite care.


One woman came up and started bitching and whining that something was marked as the wrong price. I went over and checked, and she was trying to tell me that a picture frame or whatever was on the shelf in kitchen, and there was a tag of, say.. "PLASTIC SERVING PLATE - $7.99" where she showed me. So she got huffy and said "I don't want it, then."
I sighed, grabbed it, and went "I don't care." and walked off. I could hear her sputtering, and saying "I want to talk to the manager." And the cashier, without missing a beat, pointed to me and went "That's her."



During the last few days, we had little tags on the items at the front till showing the prices and the discount prices. One of them must've been mislabeled (So it was labeled as $12.99 and was coming up as $13.99 - the right price), so while the woman was ranting at the poor trainee cashier, I told her that "Yeah, I can fix the price on this one, because it's mislabeled, but I can't do it on the others." Which was our policy. If there's a problem with the signage that's on a specific item (the sign was about the size of one item, and taped to just one), then that's fine.

Well, that wasn't good enough, and she lost her fucking mind, telling me I was ripping her off and she was going to go to the police - as I was fixing the price. (Keep in mind, the cashier had been on for like.. two days, and was stressed to hell by this woman.) So she continues on and on and on until I finally snap, without looking up "Yes, yes. I'm giving you your dollar. Calm down."

She huffs and goes "It's not about the dollar. It's about the principle. You're being rude."

[distracted] "Uh-huh."

"I want to talk to a manager."

"Okay. Just a second."

I turned around, and then turned back with a bright smile. "Hi. I'm the manager. How can I help you today?" And I swear to god, I saw a vein in her forehead. One of the cashiers behind me had to leave because she was laughing. The woman paid, took her stuff and stormed off.

(There's still more. I'm sure I'll come up with them.)

Jan. 27th, 2009


So Many Retards: Tales from the Front Line of Linens 'n Things Final Day(s)

A woman had bought an appliance (possibly a blender, I don't remember, though) around December 23rd or so. It was a display, it came with no box, no instructions, and everything was as is. We had signs up from when we went into receivership until the final freaking day that said "ALL SALES FINAL!" "NO RETURNS!" (though sometimes some of the management, myself included, made exceptions, especially if it was the same day - but exchanges only) There were also signs on the counters, and on the receipt.

We also had a table set up where people could test electronics to make sure they worked, had signs posted all around the store saying that we had a table set up at the front, and usually, most of the cashiers would mention it.

So, this woman comes in, three or four days after she's purchased the appliance in question, and says (starting off friendly) that it doesn't work. Sean calls me over and I kind of quietly say that I can't do anything. I feel bad, but I wasn't going to lose my sweet, sweet managerial bonus over it. She starts to lose her shit, and I point her in the way of my manager, and then find something to do on the other side of the tills. Now, this woman is getting more and more angry, and when Deb repeats that she can't do anything for her, the woman goes back to the till, and starts .. either yelling to anyone, or to poor Sean. And we had a lineup and only a few cashiers, so she was taking up space. She goes to hunt down the GM again and is getting increasingly irate and loud and sounds like she's either going to burst into tears, or whip out a gun and take out the store. At this point, I'm kind of floating from till to till, doing damage control and just avoiding the crazy woman.

She shoves the blender in the bag, and starts to storm towards the exit door. As she's leaving (and the store is -silent- at this point, the ten or so people in line are just watching this), she screams "THIS IS A FINE WELCOME TO CALGARY!" and just before she leaves, Sean calls "..Merry Christmas..". Without turning around, she yells back "YOU TOO." and the store is silent for just a second and then everyone in line busts up laughing.

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Jan. 7th, 2009


More Updates

First of all:


Join. We need more people.

-I have been diagnosed with General depressive disorder, and am starting Prozac. Huzzah!

-Determined to find a date by Valentine's day, even if it's just a pity online date.

-Won second place in a story contest

-Unemployed, and awaiting my fat bonus cheque.

-Saw Role Models, and it inspired me, so once I'm employed, I'll be volunteering for Big Sisters

Nov. 26th, 2008


(no subject)

Apparently the volume on the computer was turned down and my father missed the call of his soulmate.

He threatened to take the computer into his room (good luck lifting it) and when I pointed out that the monitor is mine, he said he was gonna take Christmas money to buy himself one.

I hate my fucking life.

Nov. 24th, 2008


So. Another Update.

I'm making an attempt here to let go of some of the anger and shit that I've been holding on to.

The following people are forgiven:

-Drea, for breaking my heart forever ago
-Glenn, for making me feel like complete garbage
-Amanda Karadimas, for making my junior high years a complete hell
-Cam, for breaking my heart, whether you meant to or not.
-Celeste. I'm not angry anymore, but I also don't care anymore. Shit happened the way it happened, and I'm glad you're not in my life anymore.

The following people aren't quite yet.

-Hope. Fuck you. You're an utter bitch, and I hope you like the new version story, because I'm rewriting it to get your influence the fuck out. Cunt.
-Randi. I changed my mind. Fuck you.

I figure one step at a time.

Seriously. Fuck you, Hope.

Sep. 23rd, 2008



...anyone got any old Neopets accounts they don't use and I could take everything from?

I'm kind of re-addicted. It's sad.

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